“We are both so happy that we decided to book in additional scans with Victoria. We came to the Beard Mill Clinic for a viability scan at 8 weeks and then also had the Harmony test with the 12 week Nuchal scan. Each time that we visited Victoria’s clinic was a wonderful experience. The clinic is beautiful – we felt like we were attending a spa! And Victoria is fantastic: she is not only thorough, calm, reassuring and clearly highly experienced, but the best part is that she explains everything as she does the scan so at 12 weeks we saw our baby’s heart, kidneys, stomach, brain etc. It was a magical experience and we appreciated having the extra time and the extra information during it. Thank you very much, we will gladly return!”

Emily, Oxford

“We really enjoyed our scan at Beard Mill. It was great and reassuring to have a long time to look through everything in detail with lots of explanation. Everything felt very open unlike some of our experiences elsewhere. ”

Nicola, Oxford

“I loved how you took so much time to examine the baby and just give me a chance to watch her moving inside me. All of the other scans I had (including two other private ones) were very rushed in comparison, so this was an experience I will always cherish.”

Melanie, Reading

“The scans we had with you were highlights of the pregnancy and you always offered so much reassurance to a neurotic first time mum! We will continue to recommend your clinic to any pregnant friends and if we are ever fortunate enough to have anymore children will come to you for all our scans as the service you gave us was always above and beyond anything we could have hoped for.”

Sian, Reading

“As always a wonderful experience with Victoria – she has been fantastic through all three of our pregnancies and I always feel so confident and content in her care.”

Laura, Streatley

“We can’t thank you enough for all your care, you alleviated so much stress for us, allowing me to enjoy my pregnancy. Your care was excellent, extremely professional, informative and efficient  yet so personable, caring and supportive in approach.”

Serena, Makeney

“Thank you for all your expertise, patience and kindness throughout this pregnancy – you have made such a difference to me.”

Hannah, Burford

“I would like to thank you for your help, scientific and psychological, throughout – we’ll be always grateful!”

Kostas, Oxford

“Scans at Beard Mill with you played a huge role in making the pregnancy enjoyable, relaxed, confident and happy. We also think that a lot of your observations/predictions were spot on!”

Emily, Oxford

“I just wanted to thank you for all the reassurance you gave us through out my pregnancy. Even though it was a straight forward pregnancy I always left you feeling so much more confident that all was well. ”

Alice, Ripon

“You put my mind at rest on more than one occasion and helped me prepare for the birth with confidence.”

Alexandra, Charlbury

“The peace of mind after having the Harmony test was invaluable.”

Sally, Malmesbury

“Wonderful Clinic. Thank you for such excellent service. Felt really looked after during both appointments and reassured all was well.”

Amelia, Oxford

“Thank you so much for all your help on my journey… you gave me such peace of mind when I was so so scared and confused.”

Rebecca, Speen

“Wonderful service: thorough, highly professional, consistent, gentle, kind.”

Sophie, Oxford

“We were very impressed with the setup of the clinic, beautiful facilities and extremely professional. Our experience was second to none, with speedy response with test result and lovely clear scan photos.”

Amy, Deddington

“We really enjoyed coming to your beautiful Clinic – very thorough and professional.”

Liz, Aylesbury

“Thank you for the amazing opportunity to see our baby the way we did whilst I was pregnant – we couldn’t have asked for more.”

Lisa Marie, Stamford

“Reassuring, positive and made me feel in control.”

Felicity, Wallingford

“Enormous thanks, you have again guided us and prepared us for what was a nervous but wonderful journey.”

Emily, Oxford

“Such a lovely welcoming experience on every visit and Victoria gave us the reassurance we needed.”

Susan, Banbury

“Found scans and advice very thorough and reassuring.”

Cerian, Didcot

“The two scans we had at BMC were the most detailed and thorough we had and therefore very reassuring, so it was worth every penny.”

Blanca, Oxford

“Loved my experience at Beard Mill Clinic and helped settle my anxiety after a previous miscarriage. So much more in depth than NHS scan. Would recommend to everyone.”

Joanne, Faringdon

“Thank you for your gentle, calm, professional care and advice in the early stages of my pregnancy – especially as I was anxious after previous miscarriages.”

Katharine, Steventon

“I think you have a wonderful clinic which provided us with all the reassurance we needed after a troublesome start to the pregnancy. The location and building is beautiful and I was more than happy with the time you spent with us. It felt very personal and I can imagine if there had of been any bad news for us, it would have been dealt with kindly and sympathetically.”

Gemma, Oxford

“The peace of mind provided with the Harmony test was invaluable to us.”

Samantha, Newbury

“Your calm professional manner was very soothing and the scan showing a healthy fetus reassured us enough to be excited about the pregnancy.”

Louisa, Oxford

“Thank you for providing us with so much reassurance and clarity at such an anxious time. We both appreciated the full and detailed explanations and statistics and it was such a priviledge to see so much of her a such as early stage.”

Alice, Watlington

“Thank you so much for all your help, I cannot tell you what it means to me. I feel so much more positive about things now and the reassurance from the tests and your scan has made a massive difference to how I now feel about my pregnancy.”

Catherine, Chacombe

“May I also say what a good experience it has been coming to your clinic, from the lovely peaceful setting to, especially, your expertise in performing the very detailed scan for which there is no time at the hospital. I would greatly recommend your clinic, and thank you once again.”

Elizabeth, Oxford

“As always a wonderful experience with Victoria – she has been fantastic through all three of our pregnancies and I always feel so confident and content in her care.”

Laura, Streatley