Viability Scan

Viability scan

For many prospective parents there is an agonisingly long wait between getting a positive pregnancy test and actually seeing their baby for the first time at the routine 12 week scan. But you don’t have to wait – a scan at Beard Mill Clinic can show you your baby from as early as 6 weeks and help you through those difficult first few months.

At 6 weeks, the baby is still very small – just a 5mm bean – so you won’t see much structure, but it is amazing to see and hear the heartbeat. Waiting until 8 weeks will allow you to see more and we would encourage you to wait if you can.

If all looks good at 8 weeks, you can be reassured that the pregnancy is on track and the chance of miscarrying has dropped significantly.

By 9 weeks, the baby has arms and legs and you can begin to see the baby starting to take on a proper “baby” shape. By 11 weeks, the baby is almost fully formed.

Before the scan, Victoria will ask you about your last period and cycle length and will then use this information and the scan findings to confirm how pregnant you are and when your baby is likely to be due.

An early scan is particularly useful for ladies who are not sure about their dates, or for those who have had pain or bleeding in early pregnancy, to rule out an ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage. It may also be helpful to find out how many babies you are having as twins are becoming more common!

The scan can usually be done by placing the scanning probe on your abdomen (transabdominally). But if you are very early or if your womb tilts backwards, it may be necessary to scan internally, using the transvaginal probe. This is safe for both you and the baby and should not be uncomfortable, but Victoria will always try transabdominally first.

You don’t need to have a full bladder for any scans at Beard Mill Clinic.

Viability scan

“ Thank you for your gentle, calm, professional care and advice in the early stages of my pregnancy – especially as I was anxious after previous miscarriages. ”

Katharine, Steventon