Gender Scan

Gender Scan

Some parents like the surprise of finding out whether they are going to have a boy or a girl when the baby is delivered. Others like the excitement of knowing beforehand and you can come to Beard Mill Clinic to find out.

If you are having one of the other scans, you are welcome to ask Victoria while she is scanning and she will always look for you. There is no additional charge for this.

However if you are not planning to have one of our detailed scans, but do want a quick scan to find out what you are having, you can request a gender scan.

The earliest you can reliably tell is 17 weeks, so you cannot book this before 17 weeks, but anytime after. This will be a short scan, but Victoria will keep checking until she is sure and will also do a quick check of the baby and provide you with a picture.

“Wonderful Clinic. Thank you for such excellent service. Felt really looked after during both appointments and reassured all was well.”

Amelia, Oxford