About Dr Victoria Heath

Dr Victoria Heath - Pregnancy Scan specialist

I qualified as a doctor from Oxford University in 1993 and trained in Obstetrics before deciding to specialise in Fetal Medicine. In 1997 I became a Research Fellow at the Fetal Medicine Foundation at King’s College Hospital, London and had the privilege of working in the team led by Professor Kypros Nicolaides that pioneered first trimester screening for Down’s Syndrome. I then worked in Professor Nicolaides’ Fetal Medicine Centre in Harley Street and at the Fetal Medicine Foundation where I worked with the UK National Screening Committee to help train NHS units as first trimester screening was gradually introduced into routine antenatal care.

In 2007, after having three children of my own and gaining a personal appreciation of the uncertainty and anxiety that can come with pregnancy, I decided to set up my own clinic at Beard Mill. It is my aim to provide the highest quality antenatal scanning while offering practical pregnancy advice in a professional and sensitive manner.

"Your care was excellent, extremely professional, informative and efficient yet so personable, caring and supportive in approach."

Serena, Makeney